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Keeping your equipment in top shape

Baling machines are essential for many industries, from agriculture to waste management. They compress and package materials, making them easier to transport and store. However, like any other piece of equipment, balers are subject to wear and tear, and occasional breakdowns are inevitable. When that happens, it’s crucial to find reliable baler repair services to get your equipment up and running as soon as possible.

Why United Compaction Services?

When your baler breaks down, you don’t have the luxury of waiting for days or even weeks for a repair technician to arrive from another city or state. You need someone who can come to your location quickly and assess the problem on the spot. That’s why it’s essential to choose a repair service that can respond promptly to your needs, and that’s why the UCS network can cover you, wherever you are.

Our Customers

NATIONAL RETAIL CHAINS Rely on our Baler maintenance, repair, and installation services

United Compaction provides nationwide service to retail chains allowing them to manage their balers at facilities around the country using one central source. In addition to preventative maintenance, our nationwide network of qualified repair professionals are standing by to assist when you have more work than you can handle. 

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preventative measures

Regular maintenance can prevent minor issues from turning into major breakdowns. A repair technician from United Compaction Services can inspect your equipment, lubricate moving parts, replace worn-out components, and perform other routine tasks to keep your baler running smoothly.

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